In our school we fully implement the PE curriculum. It is a challenge not having a hall or large indoor area but we are lucky to have so much space outside and we make the best use of this space that we can. We discuss PE as part of our Parent/Teacher meetings each year and PE is included on our annual reports. We are lucky too to have a great range of PE equipment and the children can use the equipment at break times as well as during PE

This year we prioritised the Dance Strand of the PE curriculum.

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10 at 10

The entire school got busy exercising for ten minutes to celebrate ten years of Operation Transformation at ten o’clock on the tenth of February!

Here we are running from Malin Head to Mizen Head. Everyone in the school played their part. We completed the 612 km as part of our Active School activities during the Christmas to Easter term this year. For part of the term we ran around the basketball court-12 and a half times round was a km! When the weather improved, we ran around the pitch- a km was 6 times round! Lots of complaints about the hill on the pitch though!

Everyone from Rang 1 to Rang 6 attended the Apex Swimming Pool in New Ross for 10 weeks from January to ¬†April. Lots of fun was had and everyone’s confidence and swimming abilities improved immensely. Seven pupils passed their Deep End tests on the last day. A great achievement! Many thanks to Seamus for driving us in and out every week and to the parents who travelled to help with supervision.

The Junior and Senior Infants completed the Land Paws Water Safety lessons. Their turn to go to the pool will come around soon!