Science Week 2016

We celebrated science week 2016 by inviting our parents in to see some of the things we’ve been up to!


We placed old copper coins into a solution of vinegar and salt to clean them. This solution contains lots of copper at the end of the process and when we place clean and bright iron nails into it they get coated in copper as it is attracted to the iron!


Here we use a copper coil, an AAA sized battery and two powerful neodymium magnets¬†to make a train with no moving parts! When electricity flows through the coil the magnets are subjected to a force which causes the ‘train’ to move.


Here we have used vinegar to strip the shell from an egg whilst leaving the membrane intact.


Ever wondered about iron in food? Here we blend cornflakes into a powder and mix with water in a bowl. We stir it with a spoon and a powerful magnet at the side of the bowl and all the iron collects in a lump that you can see with your own eyes!


How do animals keep warm in a freezing cold environment? We used fat to make a pair of gloves and demonstrated how they can be used to keep your hands warm in a bowl of freezing water.


With a battery, some magnets and a single piece of copper wire we were able to make one of the simplest motors: a homopolar motor. Electric cars here we come!!!


Here we are demonstrating how a submarine works. When we squeeze the bottle our diver sinks to the bottom and when we release the pressure he returns to the top.


While on the subject of submarines, what submarine would be complete without a periscope?


Mt Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Mt St Helens move over, there’s a new volcano in town!


How do you make a raisin dance? Just add 7up and join the party!!!


And finally our Tower of Density. We stack water, washing up liquid, alcohol, glue, golden syrup and vegetable oil on top of each other in a sequence that ensures none of them mix together!

Now we just have to invite people in to show them how it all works…

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