Discover Primary Science & Maths 2017

Award Number WX015

Step 1 – Science

Living Things


How do animals keep warm in a freezing cold environment? We used fat to make a pair of gloves and demonstrated how they can be used to keep your hands warm in a bowl of freezing water.

Energy & Forces


With a battery, some magnets and a single piece of copper wire we were able to make one of the simplest motors: a homopolar motor. Electric cars here we come!!!



Tower of Density – We stacked water, washing up liquid, alcohol, glue, golden syrup and vegetable oil on top of each other in a sequence that ensured none of them mixed together!

Environmental Awareness and Care


Here we use a copper coil, an AAA sized battery and two powerful neodymium magnets to make a train with no moving parts! When electricity flows through the coil the magnets are subjected to a force which causes the ‘train’ to move. Powered by electricity the train is much more environmentally friendly! 


Ever wondered about iron in food? Here we blend cornflakes into a powder and mix with water in a bowl. We stir it with a spoon and a powerful magnet at the side of the bowl and all the iron collects in a lump that you can see with your own eyes!


Mt Vesuvius, Krakatoa, Mt St Helens move over, there’s a new volcano in town!

Science Week Event

img_5016 img_5012 img_5008 img_5005 img_5004 img_5002 img_4996 img_4993 img_4988 img_4984

Project on Climate Change

Science Workshop invited to school.

Step 2 – Technology

Step 3 – Engineering

Step 4 – Maths

Step 5 – Stem Showcase

Award Number WX003

Step 1 – Science

1. Living Things:

Here we’re examining minibeasts we found outside hiding under rocks and leaves. We’re using magnifying glasses so that we can see them more clearly…

IMG_9363 IMG_9350 IMG_9346 IMG_9336 IMG_9328 IMG_9325 IMG_9318 IMG_9303 IMG_9297

2.Energy & Forces

We used a laser along with mirrors glued to electric motors to make a laser spirograph!


Here we’re challenging you to balance fourteen nails on top of one nail and get helicopters to spin either clockwise or anticlockwise…


We made a hovercraft using balloons and old CD’s…


We’re using a ping pong ball, hairdryer and tube to demonstrate the Bernoulli principle…


We attached various mixes of colours on discs to electric motors to blend them together and see what happened…



3. Materials:

We mixed corn flour and water to make a fluid with strange properties…


We used milk, food colouring and washing up liquid to demonstrate the effect the washing liquid has on surface tension…


We made a CO2 fire extinguisher using baking soda and vinegar!


4. Environmental Awareness & Care:

We examined some freshly cut Douglas Fir from a local sawmill during National Tree Week…

IMG_1921 IMG_1918 IMG_1916

Here we made a cloud and also made it disappear again by forcing pressure into a bottle and then releasing it suddenly…


Science Week November 2015

IMG_5635 IMG_5654 IMG_5637 IMG_5654 IMG_5638 IMG_5667 IMG_5662 IMG_5671 IMG_5686

Step 2 – Technology

Using technology to record and analyse data:

We use Numbers on our iPads to record information and turn it into different types of charts.

IMG_9282 IMG_9284 IMG_9286 IMG_9293

We used Keynote to make a slideshow about bridges:


Hour of Code with Lightbot:

IMG_9364 IMG_9366

Using technology to access science information:

IMG_9382 IMG_9383 IMG_9384

Step 3 – Engineering

Launching rockets we designed, measuring the angle they are launched at to see if it changes the distance travelled and measuring the distance travelled.

IMG_5422 IMG_5425

Designing a bridge with playing cards to see if we can make one to span a distance and support weight:

IMG_8245 IMG_8258

IMG_6160 IMG_6178

Brickz4Kidsz invited to school for a series of workshops around Engineers’ Week:

IMG_7301 IMG_7318 IMG_7379 IMG_7528 IMG_7546 IMG_7708

Step 4 – Maths

We measured the angle our rockets were launched at and the distance they travelled so see if we could work out what was the best angle for launch.

IMG_5425 IMG_5422

We took part in the Khan Academy Learnstorm Challenge and competed in Mangahigh for Maths Week in October.

Mathsweek mangahigh learnstorm_spotlight (1)

Step 5 – Stem Showcase

We held an open evening for parents as part of Science Week and the children got to demonstrate their skills:

IMG_5635 IMG_5654 IMG_5649 IMG_5649 IMG_5650 IMG_5637 IMG_5648 IMG_5647 IMG_5645 IMG_5638 IMG_5637 IMG_5668 IMG_5666 IMG_5655 IMG_5664 IMG_5695