Rang 4,5,6 participated in the 8 week MarathonKids programme this year

MarathonKids Ireland is an eight week programme promoted in Wexford by Sports Active Wexford and Wexford Co. Council. During the course of the programme the children learn about the health benefits of sport –physical, mental, community and social-as well as the importance of hydration and nutrition. They  perform four running sessions each week, building up the distance from 600m on the first day to 1900m a day in the last week. The aim is to cover the distance of a full marathon (26.2 miles) over the eight weeks.

We worked really hard at the programme and were delighted to be able to run the last mile of their marathon in the beautiful JFK Park. At the end of the run they were presented with their medals by Mary T. Kehoe of Sports Active Wexford. The school’s Parents Association kindly provided a goody bag for everyone.

The rest of the school and some parents came along to cheer on the runners.

The children were delighted with themselves and the school community is really proud of them for keeping with the programme. It has been a fantastic experience for the school and we would like to thank Sports Active Wexford for the medals and the t-shirts and their support during the eight weeks.