Miss Kehoe picked this project for me because she knows I love animals. I loved decorating the project. My favourite animal was the fox. A female fox is called a vixen. My project took about a month to finish. It was hard work but I enjoyed it



We were learning about trees in school. Mr O’Flaherty asked me to do a project on trees. I love decorating it. My favourite fact is the oak tree is king of the forest. It took about two days to decorate. I am proud of the hard work I did.



Miss Kehoe and I picked this project because I love nature. We worked on the project every Friday for a month. It took about two hours to decorate it. The most interesting fact I learned was that the more caterpillars a blue tit eats the stronger its yellow feathers will be. My favourite part was decorating the project. It was really fun doing this project.