We used a coil of wire and an iron nail to create an electromagnet that can be turned on and off.

We made a hurricane in a bottle by spinning it around and turning it upside down.

We made our ghosts move around using static electricity.

We used red cabbage as a PH indicator to change the colour of different acids and bases.

We used the absorbent powder from nappies to soak up water and perform a magic trick.

We used red filter paper to make glasses to decode hidden messages written on paper.

We made slime using ingredients found around the house.

We investigated different materials to see which one would be best to prevent damp getting into the walls of a house.

We investigated the weird and wonderful properties of the one sided mobius strip.

We made wine glasses ‘sing’ different notes by filling them with different levels of water and rubbing our finger around the rim.

We sucked an egg through the opening of a bottle which was to small to allow it through using by using heat.

We investigated which material was the best insulator by wrapping glasses of hot water with them and recording how quickly they cooled down.

We cut a small piece of paper in such a way that it allowed a person to step through it.

We used a pendulum to stop a cup from falling to the floor and breaking.

And finally we invited our parents in to share in all the fun!